PrestoTex for Artists

A blank canvas ready for your imagination. Paint large scale wall murals, plaster on the media, or gold leaf a design. Experiment on your own or lead a class. The options are endless when PrestoTex is your canvas.

Benefits of Using PrestoTex as a Canvas

  • Perfectly Sized

    Cut the fabric to your desired size and save the rest for another project.

  • Transportable

    Start the project in one place, and install it at a different location.

  • No Resurfacing

    No need to resurface the wall when applying the technique onto the media.

  • Multi-Use

    PrestoTex can be used with various mediums from printing, painting, and texturizing.

Compatible mediums

PrestoTex is compatible with multiple mediums including acrylic paints, sealed alcohol inks, markers, liquid copper, glaze, plaster and more.